Opening Time: Matajer Al Mirgab Mon-Thu 10am – 10pm, Fri-Sun 10am-11pm Maliha Road Mon-Thu 1pm – 9pm, Fri-Sun 11am-10pm


Dynamic Ground

This is a ground interactive projection exhibition, a real interaction between the child and the projection on the ground. We use the advanced computer technology and projection technology to create a magical interactive experience.

This system can produce variety of special effects, and the experiencer can participate in the interaction with joy.

Suitable for kids age 3-12

Magic Drawing

Children could choose which animals such as fish, forest & farm animals they like, and paint with different colorful pens or puzzel them. After that, the unique animal will appear magically on the smart screen. Gently touch it, the animal will run away!
This game combine the traditional painting class with innovative technology. Kids could free their imagination by creating their own animal.

Crazy Magic Ball

Children pick the ball and throw them to the large screen and hit the targets in order to get enough scores. It’s very exciting and full of challenges.
Crazy magic ball is suitable for kids age 3-12

Dynamic Trampoline

Trampoline game is a traditional and well known game which deeply loved by kids. The game can promote children’s muscle, bone growth and development, help to improve physical coordination.

Dynamic Trampoline is a series of games specially designed for children aged 3-12, the product combines light and shadow technology with traditional trampoline playing method

Dynamic Slide

Slide is an interesting and stimulus game.
It is loved by all the kids. Slide not only can exercise kid’s Brave and firm character, but also can promote the feeling of the space and distance,
Dynamic slide is a series of games specially designed for children aged 3-12 according to their hobbies

Magic lab

Magic Lab is a multi-touch interactive game that digitizes traditional wall games and supports children as they create graphic structures through hand-painted graffiti which enhances their creativity.

Adventure Bunny

Adventure Bunny is based on interactive floor tiles creating cute cartoon images through digital tech to interact via jumping which is entertaining as well as builds their physical coordination capability.

Movie Time

Enjoy watching your favorite heroes and characters in the movie room

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